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Introducing Broker (IB)

An Introducing Broker (IB) is a person or a company which introduces our broker to active traders and investors in the financial markets. An Introducing Broker can organize his own business in different ways, depending on existing or potential client base, whom he intends to work with. As long as these clients trade or invest, Royal Broker provides with a high level of affiliate commission as well. It is a spread /  commision model, which is mutually profitable for both broker and IB. Use our knowledge and experience, as well as a wide range of monitoring instruments.


Affiliate Program

As an affiliate, you don’t have to know about financial markets or meet clients in person. All you need to have is a high-traffic blog, website and/or a big number of social media followers. You will be provided with a complete set of marketing tools to promote Royal Broker, and once your referred clients start trading or investing, you will receive your commission.

There is a 30-day Qualifying Period, within which you receive a high CPA based on your active traders and investors. After the 30 days are done, you will continue to earn for a lifetime of clients’ trading and investing. Additionally, affiliates can keep track of their activities and CPA through their very own detailed and modern Affiliate Panel.


White Label program

White Label program gives you a great opportunity to use your own trademark, start your own independent brokerage business using our software and technology including website, CRM, Payment gatway, Trading platfrom, liquidity and technical support. It can be adapted to your individual needs, suitable for your strategies to attract clients in your own way. It helps you to concentrate on your main activity, increase your income and improve your own brand.

This partnership program has its own special benefits and it is a good offer for those introducers who have many clients.

1. Limited White Label program:

In this kind of White Label program, the introducer can use his own trademark, but he is not allowed to receive money from or pay to the clients.

2. Full White Label program:

In this kind of White Label program, the introducer can use his own trademark and also is allowed to receive money from or pay to the clients and act as an independent company.

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